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Monuments of Character

  For over 50 years, Giles Marble Works, a local family owned business, has been providing Monuments of Character to help honor the memory of loved ones departed. Using local Elberton granite, or an imported colored granite, Giles Marble Works with assist you in creating a lasting memorial to your loved one. 

Giles Marble Works offers a wide variety of grave markers and headstones, in order to allow your to honor your loved one yet stay within your budget.  For those with limited budgets, a standard  8"x 16" granite monument, which includes full name, birth and departed dates, starts at $225.00.  More ornate standard single monuments are available between $350.00 - $875.00.  

Double monuments, such as those pictured below, are available with many standard designs, starting under $1,500.00.  

Whether a simple, dignified granite grave marker, or an elaborate family plot with curved sidewalk, memorial bench and custom designed monuments, Giles Marble Works can work with you and your budget to make your vision a reality.

Come visit us at 2123 Stone Mountain-Lithonia Road to see our fully stocked display yard, containing monuments of many different shapes and sizes.               

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